quran led lamp

Livraison gratuite

Check out this Quran LED lamp that will recite the holy verses for you.

  • Model SQ122
  • Style Islamic Muslim Quran Learning Material
  • Colors/Recite/Multiple Languages/Timing function
  • Feature: Full Quran and quick surah ayat
  • Select Support Touch/Remote/Bluetooth/Phone Application
  • Product packaging size 17 × 16 × 14cm

This is the new model of Koranic speaker. You can also control it with your smartphone and the adhan will go off when it's time to pray. Once you connect the app to the speaker, it knows your location and adapts to it to set the right times. You can also use it as a speaker on your smartphone.

Contains 18 reciters with the entire Quran, sahih al Bukhari, sahih Muslim, roeqiyah shar3i, nooraniyah, anasheed,...