quran night light

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Teach your children the Holy Quran with this led night light.

Portable Quran Speaker LED Touch Lamp with Azan Clock:

  • Material: ABS+PP+Metal
  • Size: 94 x 122mm
  • Color: white and gold
Package Included :
  • 1x speaker

  • 1x remote control

  • 1x USB cable

  • 1x AUX cable

  • 1 x 16GB TF card

  • 1 x User Manual (E Version, details at the bottom)

  • 1 x golden gift box (optional)

  • Over 10 colors and moods

  • 18 Quran reciters

  • 33 languages

  • Built-in alarm and prayer times

  • Roqya and hadiths

    Koranic night lights have become essential products in Muslim homes. And the Azan model does not go unnoticed.

    Featuring a modern design and powerful high-definition sound, the Quranic Azan night light is an assembly of know-how and cutting-edge technology intended to facilitate accession to the Muslim religion and learning the Koran, on all these aspects.

    Recitation of verses from the Koran, translation of verses into more than 33 languages including French, roqya, hadiths… this product has various functionalities and assets that are as exceptional as each other. And that's not all !

    The Quranic Azan night light emits a soft, subdued light that will not disturb your sleep or the rest of those around you. It has energy-saving LEDs. And you can change the light color and mood of this high-quality speaker with just a touch.

    Likewise, the Azan model is very handy due to its ultra-compact body, which makes it easy to transport to the rooms in your home. With an autonomy of more than 8 hours, the Azan night light has been cleverly designed to accompany you throughout your sleep until you wake up.

    Moreover, it is suitable for both adults and children for various reasons. Far from being simply a classic decorative night light, the Azan model makes it possible to listen to the Holy Quran or to learn its verses, with in particular the voices of the most famous reciters and imams (Saad El Ghamidi, Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Abdul Basit …).

    Thanks to the beautiful glow of its LED lights, the Quranic Azan night light also helps children overcome their fear of darkness and sleep peacefully. This makes them feel safer in their room.

    In summary, the Koranic night light is the ideal gift to offer to all members of a Muslim family, as well as to your friends on all occasions (religious holidays, birthdays, etc.)