Collection: Algerian carpet

Algerian carpets are among the most luxurious of the ancient Berber countries. Moreover, they have a style very close to European countries due to colonization and the mutual influences of France and Algeria.

The Algerian tapestry is therefore very versatile when it comes to adorning a typical living room, European, Berber or Maghreb. They are truly aesthetic works of art.

With what to combine an Algerian floor tapestry.

Algerian tapestries will go perfectly with a rather light Moroccan-style sofa. The velvet poufs that we offer will also be welcome thanks to their luxurious style, they will add to the elegance of the Algerian carpets.

To add a real plus to your decoration and make it truly oriental, you will need to add an oriental wall decoration, such as a painting or a hanging, to your decor.

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