Collection: Oriental Ottoman

On our catalog you will find various oriental poufs. In leather, velvet or even wool.

Each of our poufs will allow you to decorate your living room while adding a touch of comfort, in order to delight your guests or accompany you in a moment of relaxation.

We have:

  • Moroccan poufs ;
  • Berbers;
  • ethnic;
  • Typical of the former Ottoman Empire.

Differences between ethnic and oriental poufs

On our poufs, you will sometimes notice colorful or geometric patterns. In most cases, these will be ethnic poufs.

The Maghreb poufs are more sober and comfort-oriented, while their Central African counterparts are more pure decorative objects.

How to use a pouf in an oriental decoration?

A pouf alone is not enough for a good interior decoration.
It is more of an object of comfort and an ornament than a centerpiece as could be a carpet for example.

The best and to have at least three poufs of various colors, but of the same type in an oriental room. Always on a rug and name on parquet or tiles.

We advise you to play with the colors of the rest of your oriental decor. Look in our catalog to find everything you need.

How to choose your oriental pouf?

To choose an oriental pouf, you need to analyze the color of the other elements of your living room. Thus, a living room with a coherent decoration will have poufs in the color of the other comfort elements in the room. Generally, they will also be complementary to the color of your rug.

We therefore recommend that you match your poufs with your sofa or armchair. This trick is very useful, especially if you are not comfortable with the choice of colors and assortments.