7 éléments pour créer une Salle de Bain Marocaine - Décoration Oriental

7 elements to create a Moroccan bathroom

Moroccan-inspired bathrooms are increasingly becoming a hot design trend around the world. Moroccan-themed bathrooms are often hyped these days because they are exceptionally stylish and sophisticated.

The Moroccan bathroom is an elegant and beautiful concept that adapts to all styles , whether classic, country or contemporary. Moroccan design is extremely versatile and original. Moroccan intonations and ornamentation are becoming an essential part of contemporary bathrooms these days. A Moroccan style bathroom can bring a touch of mysterious extravagance to your bathroom. With a few imaginative ideas and a few finishing touches, you can turn your bathroom into a steam room-like retreat.

Discover the 7 essential elements to create a perfect Moroccan bathroom.

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1. Choose bright colors

The Moroccan style is composed of strong and visible colors. They range from cool colors to warm colors. All the beauty of a Moroccan bathroom is made up of a set of these two types. As a result, you can have endless possibilities to create the bathroom that suits you . It is for this reason that we are going to give you some indications. This will ensure that you don't make the wrong choice. Because what we do not want is to create a bathroom that is not harmonious.

A. Warm colors to bring depth and intimacy

Warm colour

When we talk about warm colors we are referring to the color red, yellow, orange and brown, and many others. Warm colors provide privacy and darken the room . Why darken a room? It's simple with this you create depth in your bathroom. These are the colors that are often found in oriental baths and Moroccan hammams.

B. Cold colors to enlarge and bring serenity

cold color

Cold colors correspond to blue, indigo, violet and green. These colors bring freshness and calm . This explains why these colors are frequently found in Moroccan baths. Thanks to them, the feeling of rest and relaxation comes more easily. In these colors we can note the majorelle blue.

Majorelle blue is a shade of blue present in the second most beautiful botanical garden in the world located in Marrakech. This garden was that of an artist, Jacques Majorelle who added this color. Painting these walls with this color allows you to illuminate and give energy with refinement .

C. Attention the too much and the little spoil the game with the Moroccan decoration.

As we have seen previously, making a mix between warm and cold colors is advisable. Yet using too many colors can sometimes feel overwhelming . So you can use two or three colors of the same shade.

Only for you, we will offer blends through pictures. This way, you can get an idea of ​​it and see how to adapt it according to your tastes.

Moroccan bathroom

2. Add mosaic tiles to wall and floor

If we dwell on the walls and the floor, then the mosaic tiles are a must in order to create a Moroccan style. We will first present the tiles for the floor. In a second step, the tiles to create wall patterns.

A. Mosaic tiles for your floor

Mosaic tiles with symmetrical patterns are frequently used for flooring. Mosaic tiles bring touches of color to the design with a reminder of oriental culture . As we have seen before, color is important. When we talk about mosaic tiles then you are spoiled for choice. However, you should know that Moroccan-inspired ceramic tiles in shades of blue are very popular. Other distinctive hues range from deep Marrakesh reds to natural, earthy browns and creams.

B. Oriental mosaic tiles for your walls

For your walls, you can use either earthenware or tiles . Both of these compounds are easy to wash and maintain. The difference between the two is solidity. Earthenware is more likely to break. Nevertheless, its porosity makes it a material of choice for the walls of your bathroom. The tiling being more solid, it can be placed on the floor and also on the wall .

When we talk about earthenware, we can present zellige. Zellige is a mosaic created from pieces of colored earthenware tiles . Composed of terracotta, it brings a real colorful touch to a bathroom.

Moroccan mosaic

In addition to tiles, you can go for tadelakt plaster . This coating has great advantages. To name a few, it has an antibacterial effect thanks to the fungicidal properties of lime . As well as moisture protection . This coating is therefore perfect for your bathroom knowing that these color shades will be perfect for your oriental bathroom.

To go longer and have walls with a Moroccan style then you must have room frames in the form of pointed arches. With this your walls will have oriental colors and shapes.

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3. Incorporate traditional furniture and metal elements

Moroccan design is based on marked surfaces. To distinguish themselves, contemporary creations draw on the imagination of the Orient by updating the codes of the genre with elegance and poetry.

A. Furniture made of wood and metals for an oriental style

Instead of opting for plain wood, get colorful chests and cabinets adorned with bright Moroccan designs to liven up the bathroom. This furniture can include pieces of metal such as wrought iron to give an oriental touch .

A splendid mirror with an intricate metal frame will not only help reflect light in the room, but also make a stylish accessory.

B. Metal decorative objects

The materials that make up your bathroom depend on your previous choices. Depending on the patterns and colors, you may favor certain shapes or materials. In terms of metals, a large choice is offered to you. To add a clean and simple touch to the room , you can go for brass or wrought iron decorations . If, on the contrary, you want to bring light and shine, then hammered iron and copper will be perfect. To ensure your hygiene, the Rosette Ceramic Soap Dispenser will go perfectly in your bathroom. With its beautiful pattern, it will go perfectly in your bathroom.

To put it simply, place dreamy furniture and decorations. This will create harmony between bright colors and traditional furniture made of metals and raw wood.

Oriental washbasin

4. Hang Moroccan lamps or lanterns

Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lampshades do not have electricity. They are suspended from the ceiling, either using a hook or using a ceiling rose with an integrated hook. Use these lamps or lanterns to accent the bathing area. We will come back to this in the section on lights.

These will look particularly stylish if you've opted for a striking color palette, such as indigo. An elegant Ottoman mosaic lamp is a perfect authentic example of Moroccan culture.

Some of the Moroccan lamps have smooth bases which make them suitable for use as candle holders or can be adapted to be used as table lamps.

Moroccan chandelier

5. Lay out oriental embroidered curtains

Curtains are essential in a Moroccan style bathroom. Several choices are available to you. Remember that curtains will help create some privacy . Here are some examples so as not to make mistakes.

Use opaque fabrics with heavy embroidery to dress the windows . Then make the choice for semi-transparent fabrics with light accompaniments for the shower or the bathtub. These differences in thickness will create a certain intimacy and an effect of serenity.

Sheer voile curtain panels will go perfectly for an elegant, relaxed and luxurious bathroom. A voile or cotton curtain will look amazing and also provide the privacy you need. Both soft and light, they will perfectly create the intimacy and desires you are looking for.

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6. Use a Moroccan bath set

There are a multitude of bath accessories specific to the Moroccan bath that are still used today. For an authentic Moroccan experience, use rose water, traditional hammam black soap, argan oil, or you can also purchase assembled hammam kits.

The famous Moroccan black soap, made from the kernel of the olive nut, has wonderful exfoliating properties. There is also Rhassoul clay and terracotta stone. Finally, the rose water used after the Moroccan bath completes the custom. Transform the bathroom into a hammam with a Moroccan bath set, towels, floor mats .

However, the problem with black soap is its rapid deterioration in the event of prolonged contact with water. To solve this problem, soap dishes are recommended. With the Carré Orientale Soap Dish , your black soap will remain in the best condition to ensure quality hygiene.

Moroccan traditional soap

7. The role of light in the oriental bathroom

Last but not least to create an oriental style bathroom is light. The play of light can totally change our perception of a room . And when it comes to the oriental style, light is a major point.

Adding a wrought iron lantern will create unique shapes and styles in your bathroom. For example thanks to photophores arranged around the bathtub or the washbasin.

The installation of colored glasses will make it possible to create unique colorings in order to heat or cool the room according to your desires. Choose low-consumption light bulbs to create a yellow, golden hue to wash in peace.

oriental lantern

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